The water coming from your refrigerator or Ice machine is most likely  filtered . There are special water filters that are designed for use in refrigerators and Ice makers, assuring you that the water you drink from the refrigerator, and the ice you get from your freezer, are pure, clean, and sweet-tasting.

Refrigerator water filters remove the elements you do not want in your water and leave only cool, pure water. Unpleasant tastes and odors are removed in the process of filtering out chlorine, dirt, sediment, and bacteria. There are more sophisticated refrigerator water filters that will remove metals and heavy chemicals from your refrigerator water; this can be a really useful thing if your community is known to have high metal content in its water supply. Metals can affect your water quality but they can also have a negative impact on your house's plumbing, so a filtering process can be good for many reasons!

The filter cartridges in a refrigerator water filter need to be changed regularly, just like any other filter cartridge you may have in your house. This is easy to do and completely worthwhile. An old cartridge will, after a while, cease to be effective, so you'll be reminded to change the cartridge automatically.

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